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SooTour  is a company providing Chinese driver’s license, car rental & purchase, and vehicle maintenance services for expats living in Suzhou. Our team was established with the intention of making it easier for expats to travel, to work, and to study in this country, and has become the most professional company specializing in travel solutions in Suzhou-Wuxi-Kunshan and Shanghai.

With a fully-qualified team assisting you all the way from obtaining a Chinese driver’s license to choosing the right vehicle to suit your needs while in China, you will be spared the time and effort researching this for yourself and we guarantee ‘local’ prices.

Here at SooTour, we have private drivers that will take you to and from Suzhou Vehicle Administrative Office, consultants fluent in both English and Chinese to assist, and experienced mechanics to take care of vehicle maintenance. Our highly experienced team is ready to help you with any problems you may have during your driving in China. We welcome expats to join our drivers club. You will be able to drive anywhere and explore this beautiful country at your own leisure. 


Our Service

We offer solution packages for clients to drive in China. We have Chinese driver's license, car rental & purchase, vehicle repair & maintenance, and traffic rule violation hanlding services.



"The service of SooTour really reminded me of the standard I'm used to from Germany. Everything worked out perfectly and all my concerns and questions were propely answered and taken care of. Especially for something this important I can only recommend SooTour."

-- Peter Münster, self-employed journalist


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Tel: 0512 6799 3500 (English)


Add: OfficeStar, Xinghai Building 11F, 198 Xinghai Street, Suzhou SIP.  苏州园区星海街198号星海大厦东11楼星辰商务 (Subway Station Xinghai Square, Exit 2)

ATTENTION: We highly recommend you to contact us by yourself to avoid misinterpretation by a third party. Our English-speaking consultants are fully qualified to answer all your questions. Thanks!


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